RobertHi, I am a German photographer based in Berlin, Germany. My great passion is landscape, nature and travel photography. I focus less on documentary photography but on fine-art. I consider fine-art photography a mixture of art and craftsmanship. With creativity, skills and sophisticated equipment I try to capture a fleeting moment in a somewhat timeless photo. How I try to achieve this you can read here: How my landscape photos are created. With this website I would like to show you a selection of my favourite and most recent work. A critical feedback would be really appreciated and so I would like to encourage you to leave a comment or send me an email.

I grew up in Mecklenburg in the northeast of Germany, being surrounded by hundreds of lakes, huge forests and the near coast of the Baltic Sea. Since early on the endless facets of nature held a fascination for me and I tried to capture these precious moments in pictures. It started with crayons and pencils followed by a simple film camera. But ever since I bought my first digital point and shot camera in 2002, my interest and passion for photography grew steadily. A deep love for nature and landscape photography developed. During the last couple of years I focused on these topics, although I shoot occasionally also portraits and even weddings. For my photography I use a selection of professional camera gear and editing software. See Equipment for more details.

All my images are available as digital files to licence for commercial use or to buy as prints. The maximum size varies from 21 megapixel (max. print size 120 cm x 80 cm) to about 64 megapixel (max. print size 240 cm x 160 cm), depending on the technique used to create the image. If you would like to purchase any of them, please contact me via email with a detailed description of the intented size and use.

I feel a bit sorry for the prominent inclusion of my logo in each picture on this website. But the creation of every single picture required a lot of time, effort and also money. On every website photos can be downloaded with just a few mouse clicks, no matter how sophisiticated the presumed protection measures are. That’s why I do not even try to prevent you from downloading my pictures but rather include my logo, so that you see where the picture came from. It might be an old-fashioned approach but it works. For a detailed copyright statement see: Legal Statement.